[Press Release] Enterprise Health introduces Channel-19 employee health monitoring application for COVID-19

Mar 30, 2020 10:09:51 AM — by Enterprise Health

Fort Wayne, Ind., March 30, 2020 – Enterprise Health, an occupational and employee health IT solution provider, today launched Channel-19, a stand-alone application to help employers and hospital systems monitor the health of their employee populations during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Monitoring employees for COVID-19 symptoms, test results, quarantine periods, risk factors and work-at-home accommodations is proving to be a monumental task, and many organizations are trying to do so with paper, spreadsheets or applications not suited for the task,” said Enterprise Health president Jeff Donnell. “To complicate matters, large employee populations are now working remotely which further hampers communication.”

Channel-19 is a web-based application designed to simplify COVID-19 employee monitoring and streamline interactions,” added Donnell. “Using established medical surveillance capability, employee populations receive periodic emails directing them to a portal where they can report symptoms, identify potential exposures, share risk factors and request work-at-home accommodations. Employee responses identify individuals who require additional monitoring, creating a case management worklist. The employer can then document interactions with those employees and set follow-up tasks. Channel-19 has built-in reporting, including automated reports that can route to employees, supervisors and management.”

Enterprise Health works primarily with global Fortune 1000 employers, health systems and government agencies with on-site health clinics who rely on the solution to manage occupational and employee health. “Over the past 45 days, we have collaborated closely with our employer clients to modify existing pandemic response functionality to respond to COVID-19 requirements,” added Donnell. “We have worked around the clock with our user community to quickly deploy and refine our COVID-19 monitoring capabilities, and we are now ready to make this technology available to other organizations who are struggling to monitor their employee populations.”

Enterprise Health has streamlined the contracting and deployment process for Channel-19 so that employers can quickly and affordably procure the application. Configuration, deployment and training can be completed rapidly. Channel-19 is a web-based, SaaS application and cloud hosting is included as part of the offering. “We are doing everything we can to make this application easy to acquire and roll out,” said Donnell. “Employers need to be able to carefully monitor their workforces now, and continue to do so as restrictions ease and people begin to go back to work.”

About Enterprise Health

Enterprise Health is one of the largest providers of occupational health software in the world, with customers in over 55 countries and nearly a dozen languages, serving several million employees globally. Enterprise Health is the only comprehensive employee health record that combines occupational health and compliance and employee engagement with an ONC-ACB certified EHR — delivering a complete occupational health IT experience on a single, highly-interoperable, cloud-based platform — equipping enterprise clients and their employees for a healthier future. For more information, please visit https://www.EnterpriseHealth.com


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