Enterprise Health Introduces Telehealth to Occupational Health Software

Fort Wayne, Ind., April 9, 2020 — Enterprise Health today announced the launch of embedded telehealth capability in its occupational and employee health IT platform. Users will now be able to easily conduct a video visit from the Enterprise Health application.


“Telehealth was already on our development roadmap as the onsite employee health clinics at many of our large employer clients can’t always conduct in-person visits,” said Enterprise Health president Jeff Donnell. “We kicked telehealth development into overdrive to help our clients respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, rapidly equipping them with the ability to use video to safely see employees remotely.”


“Our telehealth solution is incredibly easy to use, and does not require the employee or patient to download any software or set up an app,” added Donnell. “When a clinician is ready to conduct a telehealth visit, they send a text message or email invitation from Enterprise Health and the employee simply clicks on an embedded link, launching a video visit using the camera and microphone in their phone or computer.”


Enterprise Health is HIPAA compliant, and clients have the option of recording and storing video visits. A voice only option is also available, and phone conversations can be initiated from Enterprise Health and recorded. As telehealth encounters are conducted, visits can easily be documented within the solution as part of a normal workflow. Employees can also use an Enterprise Health employee portal to schedule telehealth appointments and complete questionnaires and provide consent prior to a visit.  


“When the coronavirus outbreak started, some of our clients reported that they were trying to conduct visits using native mobile phone functionality such as FaceTime,” added Donnell. “This caused frustration as different device platforms are not compatible, and in some cases the employee ends up with the personal phone number of a clinician initiating a visit on their own mobile phone. Other clients tried mobile conferencing applications which require patients to download a new software application, many of which are complicated and often lack the security safeguards that are important for a healthcare interaction.”


“While telehealth capability is critically important for COVID-19 response, we are confident this feature will be popular over the long-term,” said Donnell. “While our clients operate on-site employee health clinics, this is not always feasible at every jobsite. For remote locations without a clinic, virtual workers and employees on the road, the ability to conduct video visits is incredibly helpful and extends the reach and value of occupational and employee health operations.”


Enterprise Health telehealth capability is simple and affordable to deploy, and is also available as an option for the recently launched Channel-19 stand-alone COVID-19 employee monitoring module.




About Enterprise Health

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Enterprise Health Occupational Health Software Introduces Telehealth Functionality