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Enterprise Health has a rich history as a leader in the employee health IT space including with AI and machine learning, and once again, we are adopting a first-mover strategy in the market by actively launching new AI features in our occupational and employee health solution.

Meet Wellby — your new AI medical assistant with several extra sets of hands to help you speed encounter documentation and improve the patient experience.

Wellby uses GPT technology based on the OpenAI HIPAA-compliant platform embedded right into the Enterprise Health solution to bring the power of AI to your clinic. Your new medical assistant provides clinical decision support and productivity enhancements developed to streamline the provision of occupational and employee health services. 

More cognitive.
Less clerical.

Wellby enables you to spend more time on patient care by reducing the amount of time spent on clerical tasks. In just seconds, Wellby can:

  • Generate concise summaries of a dense medical record
  • Streamline pre-visit preparation and post-visit referral letters
  • Draft return-to-work letters including restrictions and accommodations
  • Review the subjective, objective and assessment sections of an encounter and generate proposed plan elements based on clinical guidelines, including orders, treatment suggestions and ICD-10 codes
  • Quickly dictate directly into the Enterprise Health application using speech-to-text capability, with AI-assisted refinement
  • Generate a medical record export in a coded data format

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Think of Wellby as an “octopus” — extra arms, hands, ears and eyes to help enhance the provision of occupational health services. Wellby can quickly research, write, transcribe and suggest options.


Wellby uses the OpenAI HIPAA Workflow, a proprietary OpenAI data transmission and processing solution designed to avoid retaining PHI.

  • The HIPAA Workflow enables Enterprise Health to transmit content including PHI to OpenAI using an encrypted API
  • This content is then processed by OpenAI and transmitted back to Enterprise Health via encrypted API
  • The OpenAI HIPAA Workflow does not store PHI persistently in the cloud, with PHI stored only temporarily for processing


Wellby’s primary focus is centered on improving the clinical user experience. This enhanced functionality is not designed to replace clinical judgment, rather it:

  • streamlines time-consuming clerical tasks
  • provides improved clinical decision support capabilities integrated into the Enterprise Health application in a way that helps clinicians shift their focus back to cognitive work and patient interaction 


Enterprise Health is actively launching new AI features and is making the technology available to clients today. Clients can pilot GPT functionality that provides clinical decision support and productivity enhancements developed to streamline the provision of occupational and employee health services. 


Wellby is available to Enterprise Health clients to test now — just click the "Request a Sandbox" button below. While clients are piloting this AI functionality, Enterprise Health will work with its client community to:

  • secure feedback and suggestions for additional AI applications
  • address policy frameworks governing use, including establishing workflows and practices designed to ensure a thorough clinical review of AI results

Try it for yourself — Like right now!

Wellby isn't an idea churned up from the frenzy of AI or a future state on a roadmap. It is live in Enterprise Health...today. If you'd like to "kick the tires" just let us know by clicking the button below and we'll set you up with a sandbox.