Need to monitor employees for COVID-19?

As you continue to manage your organization’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, you need an electronic solution that simplifies the monitoring of employees for COVID-19 symptoms and tracks test results, quarantine periods, risk factors and work-at-home accommodations — all in one place.


Meet Channel-19

Channel-19 is a standalone, web-based COVID-19 employee monitoring program from Enterprise Health. It delivers the functionality organizations need to monitor employees and healthcare workers affected by the coronavirus pandemic. 

We know time is of the essence. That’s why we streamlined the contracting, deployment and configuration process for Channel-19 to rapidly enable employers, including health systems, to gather employee symptom data, identify employees who require additional monitoring, document encounters and decisions, manage cases and generate reports.


What's included in Channel-19? 

  • COVID-19 surveillance panel: Enroll employees in a COVID-19 surveillance panel to seamlessly track and monitor symptoms and compliance.
  • Employee portal: Collect and monitor employee COVID-19 symptoms via an electronic self-reporting questionnaire.
  • SMS and email alerts: Easily alert enrolled employees and case managers and prompt them to take action via text (SMS) or email. 
  • COVID-19 case management encounter and worklist: Streamline the documentation of patient encounters and management of cases including work restrictions. 
  • Supervisor portal report: Provide timely employee compliance and work status information to supervisors to help minimize business interruptions. 
  • COVID-19 reports: Quickly view critical data to make decisions and share information.

Watch the video to see Channel-19 in action.