How Enterprise Health developed the most comprehensive employee health record solution for large employers.

Opportunity looks a lot like hard work

As the old saying goes, “it’s better to be lucky than good.” I suggest amending that to “you’d better be smart enough to recognize and act on good fortune when it comes your way.”


On our quest to offer the absolute best, most comprehensive employee health record solution for large employers, good fortune combined with the good sense to make the most of it is fueling rapid growth.


Interoperability roots

Our parent company was formed nearly 25 years ago to build one of the first health information exchanges in the US. In the mid-90’s, we encountered every imaginable IT environment as we embarked on a wires and pliers effort to connect hospitals, physicians, and other healthcare providers in our backyard. Interoperability was infused in our organizational DNA.


Electronic health record chops

Our provider community directed us to build applications to reside on the aforementioned network, and we developed one of the first web-based ambulatory electronic health records — and we were among the first in the nation to have our EHR certified.


Our next innovation was an online personal health record designed to help patients manage their own clinical data and share it across the care continuum. We were years too early to a party that not yet started, but we were able to add individual empowerment capability to our intellectual property storehouse.


Knock knock. Who’s there? A large employer, open the door…

Well over a decade ago, a global Fortune 100 corporation called us, looking for a web-based electronic health record they could deploy in dozens of clinic locations around the world. Impressed with our EHR, they asked us to work with them to develop occupational health and compliance functionality to enhance our core platform. We jumped at the opportunity, and this early and influential client introduced us to a half dozen other large entities who collaborated with us to add value to our occupational health offering.


While we would love to claim great strategic foresight as we developed Enterprise Health, the truth is we were lucky enough to work shoulder to shoulder with some amazing early clients — and smart enough to listen closely and respond appropriately. After a few years, we realized we had developed the most complete employee health offering available, built by our team on a single platform. Better yet, we were able to bring together the full range of our experience, expertise, and IP — leveraging a certified clinical EHR, cutting edge employee engagement software, and the ability to interface with a wide range of other applications, systems, and devices using modern interoperability standards.


As on-site occupational health clinics expand their service offerings to include clinical care, chronic disease management, and health and wellness programs, Enterprise Health is well suited to help our corporate, government, and health system clients create and sustain a culture of health.


While we have largely pivoted away from our early emphasis on development to a standardized and scalable product offering, we continue to partner with our client community to innovate and improve.


And every day, we thank our lucky stars to work with some of the best known and managed organizations in the world.


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