Is it time to switch from that outdated, homegrown legacy application?

Coordinating occupational health and compliance, clinical care and employee health engagement is a challenge. Employee health operations are often fragmented — managed with a cobbled together combination of homegrown databases and spreadsheets, legacy applications and commercial products that offer limited utility.


Aggregate health and compliance in a single occupational health IT solution

Health and compliance information too often resides in silos with limited visibility across the enterprise — and aggregating data into actionable reports is all but impossible. All this while containing escalating healthcare costs is now a strategic imperative — and bending the cost curve while creating a culture of health puts pressure on traditional approaches to managing occupational and compliance information.


This is where Enterprise Health comes in. Enterprise Health is a standard, enterprise-wide employee health and compliance IT solution that combines occupational health and compliance, clinical care and employee engagement on a single, natively developed, cloud-based platform.


Enterprise Health is fully-interoperable, enabling the secure flow of electronic information with HR and email applications, medical devices, labs, insurance carriers, and other data sources. Data from legacy applications can be migrated to Enterprise Health, and many — if not all — of those outdated, narrow-purpose systems can be retired, saving time and money.


The Enterprise Health solution automates and streamlines a wide variety of occupational health programs — including health surveillance, injury, illness and incident management and work-related evaluations. With employee engagement functionality and clinical functionality, Enterprise Health enables your organization to manage employee health and health information using a single solution. 


Watch this video to see how your organization can realize better employee health, better business health — and better enterprise health.




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