Employer provided primary care can improve employee health and productivity

More onsite employer health clinics are expanding their offerings beyond traditional occupational health to include primary care and condition management. Doing so makes it easier for employees to access the care they need to stay healthy and productive.

Unlike other occupational health applications, Enterprise Health is built on a certified electronic health record platform. This gives onsite clinics the same tools found in an ambulatory physician practice and equips them to support primary care, population health management and wellness initiatives. And because Enterprise Health meets national security and privacy standards, both occupational and clinical care information can be securely managed in a single solution.


Watch this video for a quick overview of how Enterprise Health is used to manage an encounter with an employee who has a chief complaint of sore throat. From scheduling the appointment and tracking wait times at each stage of her visit to easy access to the employee’s medical chart and automated upload of vitals from medical devices, the system streamlines the entire encounter.


During the video, you will also see how easy it is for the physician to order a strep test, add an assessment narrative and electronically prescribe an antibiotic. Furthermore, the doctor can add a work restriction to the employee's chart and easily indicate the start date and end date for the restriction. Then, the nurse can dispense patient education materials, schedule follow-up appointments and provide a clinical summary to the employee.


Watch the video now to see how the entire encounter is documented in Enterprise Health.




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