Create a culture of health with employee health IT software

Creating a culture of health requires collaboration among employees, clinicians, supervisors and corporate staff. Fostering that collaboration within large organizations requires an occupational health tool built to support their size, scope and complexity.


The most comprehensive occupational health IT application

Watch this video to see how Fortune 500 companies, large health systems and government agencies manage employee health using Enterprise Health — the most comprehensive occupational health IT application available to employers operating their own onsite health clinics.


Enterprise Health combines occupational health and compliance with employee engagement and is built on a fully certified electronic health record to provide an amazing array of employee health capabilities. The solution streamlines medical surveillance, case management of worksite injury and illness, clinical and urgent care, robust reporting, document management, chronic disease management, and immunization management. There’s a portal for employees and a portal for supervisors. The solution even automatically completes OSHA logs and reports and documents DOT encounters.


It’s true. Enterprise Health has a robust list of features and functionality, but the solution can’t and shouldn’t be all things to all people. That’s why we’re incredibly interoperable and experts at interfacing with everything from HR systems to labs and medical devices.


Even more impressive than everything packed into Enterprise Health are the benefits you can get out of it — improved productivity and administrative efficiency, confident compliance, more engaged employees, and easily accessible and actionable employee health information. So, whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, large health system or government agency, with our complete solution you can achieve better employee health, better business health and better enterprise health.


Watch the video to see for yourself.




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