Medical surveillance that makes managing employee health, safety and compliance straightforward

Enterprise Health’s electronic toolsets for health surveillance makes managing occupational health and safety, compliance and immunizations straightforward. Watch this short video to see how easy it is to enroll employees in surveillance panels to automate the tracking of testing, such as annual respirator fit tests.


Self-service employee portals

Self-service portals prompt employees to complete pre-exam questionnaires and responses automatically populate appropriate fields and document in the clinical application. Once the health surveillance encounter is complete, data automatically updates employee status across the occupational health and safety solution. This enables the employee’s supervisor and compliance officer to see the employee health surveillance panel status to better plan for absences and decertifications. 


Use of Enterprise Health's health surveillance functionality provides many benefits beginning with greater confidence that compliance requirements are met. It reduces manual tracking and human intervention and decreases the likelihood an employee will fail to get required tests and exams. 


Watch the video now to learn more about Enterprise Health’s medical surveillance software.




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