Enterprise Health simplifies the way worksite illness and injury cases are tracked, documented, reported and measured. Watch this demonstration to see this functionality in action and discover how an employee can initiate patient registration and how data from previous visits carries forward so clinic staff have the information they need to provide care. 


Streamline workplace illness and injury case management & reporting

During the demonstration, you will see that case management fields are embedded in each patient record, which means there is no need to switch screens or applications when documenting a case. When care is documented, OSHA logs, doctor's first report of injury and other required forms are completed automatically and staff can generate orders for the encounter, access clinical decision support, scripted rules, and ICD-10 classification and coding. 


Furthermore, the OSHA 300A form can be submitted electronically to satisfy new reporting requirements regarding work-related injury and illness. Documented work restrictions are also easily shared with supervisors.


To see how Enterprise Health’s workplace illness and injury management functionality can benefit your clinic, watch the video now.


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