Employees can self report work-related injury & illness

Accurately documenting, managing and reporting on an employee’s work-related injury or illness is crucial for staying compliant and avoiding fines. Watch this short video to see how easy it is for an employee to use Enterprise Health’s employee portal functionality to self report an injury or illness and schedule an appointment with the clinic. Also see how the system manages each step of the visit including time tracking throughout which captures important data used to generate reports on the average waiting time and the average time from check in to check out. 


Simplify injury and illness encounter documentation

Enterprise Health is designed to simplify the documentation of encounters. When the nurse opens the employee’s chart, the system automatically opens the appropriate visit encounter based on the appointment type. The nurse can see details about what the employee was doing just before the incident occurred and information from previous visits including the details the patient typed into the employee portal. 


When documenting a new injury, the nurse uses case management fields that are embedded into the visit encounter which eliminates the need to switch screens or applications. If the injury is determined to be workers' comp related, there are additional fields to indicate the claim status, claim resolution, investigation, date determined recordable, and date and time workers compensation forms were given. Enterprise Health also has the capability to interface directly with workers' comp carriers, allowing the clinic to send incident information electronically to the carrier and receive back the determination which updates the case status and adjuster information. 


Streamline medical information between employee, nurse, physician and supervisors

The video goes on to show how the physician is able to review all of the information that was entered by the nurse, including details about the case and past medical history information, quickly document the exam, add a diagnosis for the visit and order or prescribe medications.


Enterprise Health also makes it easy to add a restriction for the employee, including start and end dates or whether or not it is permanent. The doctor can easily indicate if the restriction is being accommodated or if the employee will have lost time. This information can be shared with the employee’s supervisor and will display on the final work status report. 


Because injury cases are created as part of the encounter, the document management engine in Enterprise Health automatically completes the OSHA 301 form, as well as state specific doctor’s and employer’s first report of injury forms with case data rendered in the appropriate fields. 


Watch the video now to see Enterprise Health's occupational injury and illness software functionality in action.




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