Q/A with Emily McComb, the account management and application support team lead for Enterprise Health

Ever wonder who leads the account management and application support teams for Enterprise Health? Meet Emily McComb.


Emily’s mission is to ensure customer success. She and her team make sure each client is able to successfully use our extensive feature set and fully benefit from its comprehensive functionality to manage both occupational and employee health. She is by far one of the most “visible” members of the team — even if most of her contact with clients happens on the phone and in virtual meetings. She’s also one of the most enthusiastic people you’ll ever meet.


Here’s what Emily had to say when we asked her about her work at Enterprise Health and what she enjoys outside of work.


EH: What excites you most about Enterprise Health?
Emily:   Almost everyone on the planet can relate to each other on one basic level – we all work! Our jobs enable us to support ourselves financially, fulfill us and hopefully bring us tremendous joy. But many people around the world take significant personal risk to do their jobs every day, including risks to their health and personal safety. Our customers are on the frontlines of protecting those workers. They’re responsible for regulatory compliance and they truly care about their colleagues’ health. I love hearing about what our customers do to keep their employees healthy and safe, and helping to make their jobs easier.


EH: What attracted you to this industry?
Emily: The occupational health community is amazingly collaborative. I’m pleasantly surprised at how open and transparent customers are with each other. During our advisory board meetings, medical directors from competing organizations work together to advise us on product features which allow us to bring the very best experience to the clinical teams and employees at their respective organizations. I love seeing that kind of collaboration first hand.


EH: Tell us about your journey to get to your current position.
Emily: When I started with Enterprise Health around 8 years ago, I began supporting our end users and implementing our software as a deployment consultant. I worked with customers to understand their business needs and configure our software to suit. Soon, I was helping others on my team to do the same, and in doing so, I developed a passion for helping my colleagues learn and grow. Later, I was invited to lead our account management and application support teams. I’m privileged to support an incredible team of people who are dedicated to our customers’ success every single day.


EH: What’s the most fun and/or rewarding part of your job?
Emily: I get so excited watching my team members grow and progress, not only as individuals but as a team.


EH: What do you enjoy outside of work?
Emily: Anything involving my family and friends, especially if it involves being near the water.


EH: Do you have any hidden talents we should know about?
Emily: I tell one heck of a bedtime story. My ten-year-old would deny it in public, but my younger ones still enjoy it. And one of our customers recently sent me a book of poems he wrote for his kiddos years ago. We are loving reading through it as a family!