Bridget Hamm, Enterprise Health's chief knowledge officer

At Enterprise Health, we have awesome people working together to make our occupational and employee health IT solution stand apart in the industry. Every once in a while, we like to put a spotlight on a member of the team. 


Meet Bridget Hamm, our chief knowledge officer.


Bridget is one of the longest tenured members of our team. She and her team work with Enterprise Health clients to configure the solution to meet their occupational health and compliance needs. She is also responsible for building and managing our knowledge repository to develop and deploy internal and external training programs. 


Here’s what Bridget had to say when we asked her about her work at Enterprise Health and what she enjoys outside of work.


EH: What most excites you about Enterprise Health?

Bridget: I’ve been a part of building the Enterprise Health product from its inception when Dow Chemical reached out to have us build out the occupational health functionality. I’ve seen it grow with each subsequent implementation, working with different customers and industries that drove our development roadmap. It’s been exciting to watch our growth over the years to expand our global footprint to 48 states and 53 countries. The product is now translated in 9 different languages. 


EH: What attracted you to this industry?

Bridget: I graduated from Purdue University with a computer science degree, and continued on to receive a business degree. I was interested in the technology side of healthcare, but knew I didn’t want to be a programmer. Technology had a growing presence with healthcare at that time, and I knew that I wanted to work in information technology. I believe in continuing to further our education for personal and professional growth, and I’m currently attending Purdue University to complete my MBA.


EH: What attracted you to the company?

Bridget: I was recruited by Eric Jones, one of MIE’s original partners, to join the company 17 years ago, before the Enterprise Health solution was born. Prior to working at MIE, I was the Director of Billing at RediMed for 9 years. RediMed was one of MIE’s first customers on WebChart, and I was the system administrator and IT liaison at that time. I worked with MIE on a daily basis to troubleshoot issues, and this background gave me the unique perspective of understanding clinical workflow, occupational health components, billing and business drivers for reporting. This experience also provides credibility when demonstrating our product to prospective customers.


EH: Tell us about your journey to get to your current position.

Bridget: At RediMed, I started out working in the clinic as a receptionist. I then moved to the billing office and filed claims to payors before moving to the Director of Billing position. About 17 years ago, I joined MIE as a deployment consultant, then became the Director of Deployment and managed the implementation team. I am currently the Chief Knowledge Officer.


EH: What’s the most fun and/or rewarding part of your job? 

Bridget: It’s very rewarding to listen to customer feedback and work with our development team to incorporate those ideas into our product. As a result, our product continues to evolve with every new implementation project. Customers share best practices and their experience using our products with each other, which results in a strong user focus group.


EH: What one word describes you best?

Bridget:  Driven…to achieve personal growth and satisfaction, while striving to accomplish strategic company goals to advance the company to the next level.


EH: What do you enjoy outside of work?

Bridget: I enjoy relaxing at the lake in beautiful northeast Indiana.


EH: Can you share a cool story about how Enterprise Health has had an impact on a customer?

Bridget:  Dow Chemical is certainly a highlight for me because they were our first Enterprise Health customer and helped drive new development of the solution through their worldwide deployment.


By selecting Enterprise Health, Dow was able to consolidate so many systems. They had an old MUMPS database that we migrated data from, as well as a homegrown health assessment management tool program that we were able to incorporate into our product and eliminate for them. In addition, we interfaced with their lab vendor (LabCorp) for all U.S. locations and imported lab data from different vendors outside of the U.S. All of their devices integrated with our program, which ensured consistently and quality of the data in the system, as well as efficiency for the staff. 


The implementation grew to 21 U.S. locations, 15 international locations and 11 virtual sites, including translating the software into 9 different languages. Use of Enterprise Health has changed how they track compliance and provide services to their employees through the applicant portal, employee portal, supervisor portal, outside clinic portal, health and wellness initiatives, email notifications and clinical documentation.


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