Estimated ROI justifies new occupational health IT solution for the university’s onsite employee health clinic.

Discover how the clinic performed time analysis and see the results

One of the world’s leading academic institutions needed to accommodate a rising number of visits to its onsite employee health clinic without adding staff. Clinic leadership identified replacing its legacy employee medical record software solution — which was click-intensive, highly manual and made reporting difficult — as an opportunity to streamline workflows and regain valuable staff time for more patient-centric activities.


To help justify the new system investment, clinic personnel analyzed time spent by administrative assistants, medical assistants, clinicians and program specialists in three key areas — work injury visits, surveillance visits and special tasks. The study compared time spent to perform common tasks while using the clinic’s legacy system with the estimated time required to complete the same task using Enterprise Health, the most comprehensive occupational and employee health management software on the market.


Download the case study to see the results of their analysis and learn what tasks and processes were eliminated or reduced to create the savings.