New York's largest health system sees marked improvements using Enterprise Health

In May 2022, Healthcare IT News published a story that examines how Northwell Health's pandemic experience made the case for robust occupational health IT — a story that prominently highlights Enterprise Health. In a follow-up article, the publication posed several questions to Dana Flitsch, Northwell's director of product services and management and human resources technology, to revisit how the massive health system's employee health team used Enterprise Health to meet their pandemic-era needs and explore how they are expanding use of the technology to address a variety of occupational and employee health initiatives.

Northwell Health is New York’s largest health system and largest private employer. The organization started working with Enterprise Health to deploy the occupational and employee health IT solution during COVID and is using a phased approach to implementation. The employee health team is using the solution to manage multiple populations including employees, volunteers, students and contractors. Recently, they also started to use Enterprise Health to improve talent acquisition and streamline the pre-employment medical clearance process. 


In the Healthcare IT News article, Dana specifically calls out changes to its tuberculosis (TB) screening program as one of the latest successes using Enterprise Health. Northwell has streamlined routine TB screening, which was an expensive, labor-intensive process that took a significant amount of time for employees and the employee health team. Now, with Enterprise Health, they have a new automated process that eliminates thousands of annual clinic visits, while still keeping employees compliant.


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