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Enterprise Health announces 37% growth in 2022 driven by demand from Fortune 500 corporations and health systems

Increasing need for occupational and employee health software solutions yields fifth consecutive year of double-digit recurring revenue growth

Fort Wayne, Ind., March 9, 2023 — Enterprise Health, a leading provider of occupational and employee health software solutions, today announced a fifth straight year of double-digit revenue growth. Booked recurring revenue increased by 37% in 2022, capping off a five-year growth rate of 570%.



Enterprise Health software supports employer organizations operating their own onsite employee health clinics. Markets served include hospitals and health systems, corporations, universities and the government sector.


“Last year we added fifteen large clients including several well-known global corporations, and realized significant growth in the health system space, which now makes up more than half of our client roster," said Jeff Donnell, Enterprise Health president. “Hospitals in particular have aggressively sought our solution to help manage the health and wellness of their employee populations.”


The market for occupational and employee health record software remains strong in the wake of the COVID pandemic, as employers more fully recognize that a strong digital infrastructure is a strategic imperative to ensure that employees are present, productive and healthy.


“An unexpected outcome of the pandemic and the ‘great resignation’ movement it triggered is the need for employers to streamline their pre-employment medical clearance processes,” added Donnell. “Our software includes an applicant portal where post-offer candidates can complete medical paperwork and schedule clearance exams, along with features that automate the medical review, clearance and communication process to simplify and expedite hiring. This saves organizations huge amounts of time and speeds the hiring process.”


In addition to new client acquisitions, Enterprise Health maintained its record of more than 98 percent client retention and also saw growth within its existing client base. “Crafting and delivering a superior client experience at every point of interaction is a competitive advantage for us, and our continued focus on innovation and a fine-tuned product roadmap has helped us grow our market share,” said Donnell.


Enterprise Health is expecting another strong growth year in 2023, and is forecasting a sixth consecutive year of double-digit ARR growth. “While much of the tech sector is retrenching and reducing headcount, we’re continuing to expand and recruit new talent to support our growth,” added Donnell.