Come see what's new with Enterprise Health

We’re gearing up for a busy conference schedule in the first part of the year, and we’re excited to connect with many of you face-to-face. Be sure to stop by our booth at these 2023 conferences to share what you’re up against as you work to keep employees healthy and compliant. Then, we can show you how we have helped our clients overcome similar challenges.


  • WCF Onsite Employee Health Health Clinics Summit: January 23-24 (Scottsdale)
  • BRI Onsite Employee Health Clinics Summit: February 23-24 (Las Vegas)
  • AAOHN National Conference: March 13-15 (San Antonio)
  • AOHC: April 16-19 (Philadelphia) 

In addition to exhibiting at the conferences above, we are also attending the 2023 EHS Management event put on by International Performance Management Institute (IPMI) in Nashville on January 22-24. As the scope of EHS broadens to include more employee health issues, we hope to connect with professionals to share our knowledge about the role employee and occupational health clinics play in meeting EHS initiatives.


At all of these events, we will showcase our robust repertoire of standard functionality for managing occupational health and compliance, clinical care and employee engagement, and highlight some specific examples of our software solution in action. 


Make your plans now to see us! And be on the lookout during Enterprise Health-sponsored refreshment breaks. There just might be a nice gift in store for you if you find the winning tin of mints!