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Time to switch to a blue chip used, blue chip approved occupational health software solution?

Used by blue chip companies and health systems around the globe

Enterprise Health is everything large employers need to manage employee health — all rolled up into one complete solution. It’s the only health IT solution that combines occupational health and compliance, employee engagement and a certified EHR on a single, interoperable cloud-based platform to enable employers to improve health, wellness, productivity and efficiency throughout their organizations.

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Robust features for all your employee health needs


Medical Surveillance

Electronic toolsets that keep your employees compliant, on the job and in the field.


Workplace Injury & Illness

Streamline documentation, management and reporting of worksite illnesses and injuries.


Primary Care

Extend your occ health solution to provide employees access to healthcare when they need it.


Employee & Supervisor Portals

Prompt employees to become more active and engaged in health, wellness and compliance.



Easily schedule and conduct video visits from within the Enterprise Health application.


Certified EHR/EMR

Support a full range of employer health needs with a world-class occupational health and compliance solution and a clinical application.

Here's what our clients say:


“I’d like to thank the Enterprise Health team for helping us quickly put together our testing program with different encounters, the ability to upload images and develop reports. Without their support, we’d probably still be talking about testing and not actually doing it." 

Director for Medical Compliance and Policy, petroleum industry


“Enterprise Health met exactly what we needed. We are now able to document all flu vaccinations within employee health records and then pull reports based on compliance out of those records. It allows us to own the entire process and make sure that everything is done appropriately.”

Samantha Lodish, Administrative Manager, Wake Forest Baptist Health


"Encryption at rest is something we were lacking in our security audit. We've been searching for someone to step up and provide that in the industry. No one else can do it except Enterprise Health. This is a quantum leap in security for the industry."

Project lead, petroleum industry

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