Rate your pain: an occupational health IT assessment tool

An occupational health IT assessment tool

How much does it hurt?

If your current approach to documenting occupational health is causing you and your colleagues pain, perhaps it’s time to consider a more robust occ health IT solution.


Use this tool to catalog your current pain levels — and determine whether you are experiencing minor discomfort, a general sense of malaise, or mind-numbing pain of the sort that makes you glad you have an onsite employee clinic at your disposal. Rate areas such as:

  • user interface/experience
  • interoperability
  • confident compliance
  • clinic productivity/efficiency
  • health surveillance
  • worksite injury & illness
  • and more

Enterprise Health is the only health IT solution to combine occupational health and compliance, clinical care and employee engagement on a single, highly interoperable, cloud-based platform equipping enterprise clients and the employees for a healthier future. We can provide you with helpful tools and guidance — and an occ health solution designed to provide welcome relief.