How does your company impartially select employees for random testing?

Random drug- and alcohol-testing programs in the workplace are designed to help create safer work environments without singling out employees. But how easy is it for your company to impartially select employees for testing?


In this 30-minute webinar, Dave Cornewell, director of R&D for Enterprise Health demonstrates how the Enterprise Health occupational and employee health software solution facilitates the management of randomized testing programs to ensure organizations meet regulations.


Watch the replay now to see how Enterprise Health: 

  • Simplifies enrollment of employees in a drug testing panel
  • Randomly selects employees
  • Helps meet DOT agencies testing requirements
  • Creates orders
  • Helps to notify the correct contact to perform testing
  • Tracks employee compliance
  • Streamlines reporting


About Enterprise Health

Enterprise Health is the most comprehensive employee health record solution available — delivering occupational health and compliance, clinical care and employee engagement on a single, certified, interoperable cloud-based EHR platform. Used by blue chip corporations around the globe, health systems and government agencies, the solution equips enterprise clients with a powerful toolset to improve health, wellness, productivity and efficiency throughout their organizations.