Enterprise Health empowers oil & gas employers with employee health tools

Support employees who work upstream, midstream or downstream.

Oil & gas companies face a wide range of challenges when it comes to keeping employees healthy, compliant
and on the job. Workers are spread across multiple locations — some of which are very remote — and many require a high level of health surveillance. Find out why some of the most prestigious corporations in the oil & gas industry have chosen Enterprise Health as the preferred software solution to manage the health of their employees.


Enterprise Health is a comprehensive health IT solution that reduces compliance vulnerabilities in all types of environments. It is the only occupational health management software solution that brings together occupational health, compliance and employee engagement and is built on a certified EHR platform.


Enterprise Health delivers the essential tools and functionality employers in the oil & gas industry need to engage employees, automate and streamline health surveillance exams, document and report on worksite illness and injuries, manage mass immunization programs and so much more.


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