Dr. Saito is an occupational health physician, attorney and sushi chef — all rolled into one


Ever wonder what inspires someone to become an occupational health physician, attorney and sushi chef? Find out in our first episode of OccTok, a podcast that gets you up close and personal with notable occupational health professionals to address issues that are front and center when it comes to keeping employees and businesses healthy.


In this episode, host Jeff Donnell from Enterprise Health talks with Dr. Kenji Saito the incoming president of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM). During their discussion, Dr. Saito shares how he first discovered the field of employee health and what led him to integrate that career path with his pursuit of a law degree. He also talks about why occupational and environmental medicine is a great choice for medical trainees or other specialists looking for new opportunities to apply their skills in other areas such as businesses or public health.


This interview with Dr. Saito supports the mission of ACOEM's Ambassador Program, an initiative to increase awareness of occupational and environmental medicine among medical and APP students and residents and provide opportunities for real-world experiences for interested trainees.


The Ambassador Program is led by a group of occupational health professionals who recruit others in the specialty to volunteer as ambassadors and present at lunch and learns at medical and physician assistant schools throughout the U.S. The presentations introduce attendees to the specialty and its benefits which include high satisfaction and low burnout rates, and provide information on common work environments including hospitals and health systems, colleges and universities, the public sector, sports and entertainment, and a wide variety of corporate and manufacturing settings. 


Hear what Dr. Saito has to say about the field of OEM and the Ambassador Program in the first episode of OccTok.