Wake Forest’s Samantha Lodish highlights benefits of mass immunization automation at BRI

Wake Forest’s Samantha Lodish highlights benefits of mass immunization automation at BRI 2020

It's Valentine’s Day, so we’d like to give a little love to one of our awesome clients. As a featured speaker at BRI Network's recent Onsite Employee Health Clinics Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona, Samantha Lodish, administrative manager at Wake Forest Baptist Health showcased the benefits of automating the administration of mass immunizations for her health system’s flu vaccination program.


Many occupational health clinic administrators attend the BRI conference, so flu immunization is an important topic for this audience. Like most large health systems, Wake Forest mandates that all 22,000 of its employees and 10,000 contractors and students receive an influenza vaccination each year and offer vaccinations through their onsite clinic. During her presentation, Samantha shared how using a single occupational health software solution with injections program functionality enables her employee health department to track, manage and report on the administration of nearly 33,000 vaccinations during the month of October.


Samantha explained how Wake Forest Baptist Health uses Enterprise Health’s electronic registration, online completion of flu consent or declination forms and real-time access to data to streamline reporting to both internal stakeholders and the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN). She also highlighted several other benefits of documenting the vaccinations within the system’s employee health records system, including pre-loaded clinical decision support rules and alerts for allergies.


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We love hearing how Enterprise Health is helping our clients reach their goals. Samantha and her team achieve an impressive 98 percent compliance rate among their employees and contractors. If you would like to learn more about their success, take a look at the slides from Samantha's presentation here or download the Wake Forest Baptist Health calls the shots in its flu program case study.