Employee health and safety has bubbled to the top of many companies' strategic roadmaps.

Staffing challenges during the COVID pandemic and today’s tight labor market have been a wake-up call that employees are an organization’s most valuable asset. The need to keep employees safe and on the job as well as return sick or injured employees to work as fast as possible has bubbled to the top of many companies’ strategic roadmaps. Those in organizations who focus on the overall health of their enterprises have come to realize that their approaches to managing employee health and safety information — and the ability to use data to prevent future injuries or illness — are outdated and unsustainable.


Improving workplace health and safety hinges on data sharing.

With employee health and safety taking center stage, many organizations are seeking to enhance their ability to track and report on key health and safety metrics. They want more visibility into a broad range of data that often resides in various silos throughout the organization.


Use of higher interoperable IT solutions can eliminate these silos and give organizations access to the data they need. Onsite employee health clinics, for example, collect valuable data about workplace injuries and illnesses that can help organizations better understand when and where incidents are occurring and give those focused on safety the information they need to develop prevention plans. By integrating certain types of data collected in employee health records with an organization’s safety solution, the organization gains more visibility and control over the health and safety of their workplaces. This is precisely why we partner with EHS software provider Evotix


Enterprise Health and Evotix share mutual goals.

Enterprise Health provides a comprehensive occupational health software solution to large organizations. Our goal is to give these employers the tools they need to automate and streamline the management of health surveillance, worksite injuries and illnesses, immunizations, and even the delivery of primary care in order to improve health wellness, productivity and efficiency throughout the organization.


One of the keys to our success over the years has been our deep-rooted belief in interoperability. From the beginning, Enterprise Health has been designed to be incredibly interoperable. Nearly 30 years ago, our founders built one of the nation's first health information exchanges — establishing an electronic network to connect the hospitals, doctors and other healthcare providers in our own backyard. We learned a thing or two about connectivity and its pivotal role in optimizing the way care is delivered. As a result, interoperability became part of our organizational DNA. Today the Enterprise Health solution can interact with just about any data source you can imagine, including other best-of-breed solutions. 


Empower your people. Reduce workplace risk.

Evotix is a provider of EHS software solutions that give organizations a comprehensive view of health and safety so that they can anticipate problems before they arise. Simon Cooke, head of partner channels for Evotix commented. “At Evotix we believe that every person has a right to work in a safe and fulfilling environment. Even now, in the 22nd year of the 21st century, over 5,000 people die in workplaces in Europe and North America. This is a fraction of the worldwide total and only refers to accidents, many more die from occupational diseases. Add injuries and ill health, including mental problems, and the figure multiplies a thousandfold. Much of that burden falls on society’s most disadvantaged. This is NOT ok.

He added, “Our simple, intuitive, and engaging technology helps customers to seamlessly track data, gain insights that put you ahead of the curve, boost engagement and keep your people safe. Right from the start. The result is a safer, smarter workplace.


The spotlight on the health and safety of employees has never been brighter. Now is the right time for employers to find new ways to use data that is already being collected throughout the organization to prevent incidents, simplify reporting to the C-Suite and compliance agencies, and keep the organization healthy. Contact us today to learn more about how Enterprise Health and Evotix can help.