Streamline mass immunizations with injection program module

Large employers and health systems can streamline the management of mass immunizations of employees using Enterprise Health’s injection program module. This video gives an overview of the module’s functionality and shows the steps a clinician takes to document immunizations which are then recorded as part of the employee’s health record. 


How the injection management module works

There are several ways a clinician can pull up an employee’s record. These include keying in the patient medical record number, ID number, the employee’s name, or swiping the employee’s badge, if a badge reader device is connected. 


The system will automatically look to see if the employee has an allergy to eggs or history of GBS. If they do, an alert will appear on the screen. If a consent form is required to be signed for the immunization, it can be displayed on the screen and the employee can sign using a tablet device. This eliminates the need to print and scan form back into the system. 


Information entered will pull forward from injection to injection. The clinician can indicate if a VIS handout was given, as well as the publication date of the handout. There is also a link to where the most recent VIS handout can be printed in a variety of languages. Once the injection is administered, clicking the button at the bottom adds the injection. This stores the medical information in the employee's medical chart and the system is ready for the next patient's name. 


When the next patient's record is pulled up, the clinician can review all of the injection information from the previous injection and can click in any field to make changes. If everything is the same, the clinician simply clicks the button at the bottom to add the injection. This is an easy way to add mass immunizations and store all of that data as discrete data in the system. Injections are displayed in the employee’s medical chart on the summary tab, in the immunization section. There is also an injections chart tab that displays the employee’s immunization history. 


Additional immunization management features: reporting & consent forms

This video goes on to highlight the reports available for injections and the way the system handles consent forms. Reports include an immunization totals report that provides the totals for each location by month as well as a report that shows detailed information regarding the patient. 


Consent forms are stored in the forms library. Enterprise Health is able to load in the consent form and overlay data onto the form, which has a barcode that allows it to be scanned or faxed back into the system. The barcode allows Enterprise Health to automatically index this document directly into the employee’s chart. Use of a tablet device enables the employee to sign directly on the screen. Once “upload” is clicked, the form will upload as a document in the employee’s chart. This eliminates the need to print the consent, and scan or fax it back into the system.




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