Webinar replay: New rules for sharing employee health information are here. Is your clinic ready?

Find out what you need to know about sharing electronic health information with employees

Recently passed legislation called the 21st Century Cures Act includes provisions mandating that healthcare providers avoid “information blocking” and share electronic health information with patients in a specific and timely manner. These new rules took effect this month and may change how your onsite occupational or employee health clinic handles requests from employees for their health information. Are you ready?


During this webinar, a team of legal and occupational health experts shared important information about the potential impact of this new legislation on onsite employee health clinics. This information will guide occupational health professionals in discussions with their legal teams and development of new policies at their organizations for how to respond to requests from employees.


Watch the replay to learn:

  • Specifics about the new rules and how they may apply to occupational and employee health data
  • Benefits of making health information available to your employee population
  • Tips for how to prepare for appropriate and compliant information sharing with employee populations

Resource guide for employers and occ health clinics

This compendium of the various statutes, regulations and guidance will help U.S. employers understand their role in providing and maintaining occupational health and other health-related records.




For legal or regulatory guidance, contact:

Stephanie Eckerle at Krieg DeVault: seckerle@kdlegal.com

Kenji Saito at MedLaw LLC: medlawpractice.com/contact/


Meet the panelists:


Stephanie Eckerle — Partner, Krieg DeVault


Krieg DeVault LLP is a professional, diversified law firm representing a wide variety of local, regional and national clients. It is a business-focused law firm with offices Indiana, Illinois, Georgia, Minnesota and Florida. The firm’s attorneys have significant experience in key areas that address the needs of a diversified client base.


Kenji Saito, MD, JD — President and Chief Medical and Science Officer, MedLaw, LLC / President of NECOEM


MedLaw, LLC provides consultation services to a wide range of companies, professional organizations, hospitals and clinics, providing guidance on various aspects of occupational health, safety, human resources, health promotion and well-being needs including employee assistance programs. 


Emily McComb — Director of Account Management, Enterprise Health


Enterprise Health is unlike any other occupational health IT solution. It combines occupational health and compliance, clinical care and employee engagement on a single, certified, interoperable cloud-based EHR platform to equip you with a powerful toolset to improve health, wellness, productivity and efficiency throughout your organization.


Moderated by Jeff Donnell — President, Enterprise Health