The battle with COVID-19 continues for employers

It’s been 19 months since the WHO officially declared this novel coronavirus a public health emergency of international concern, yet employers continue to wrestle with a host of COVID-19 issues as they contend with how to get back to business.


Watch the replay of this webinar featuring members of the Enterprise Health advisory board as they share their experiences and provide unique insight into how onsite health clinics are addressing many of the most common questions employers face today.  


Hear what the experts said about:

  • Are employers requiring vaccinations to come back to work? 
  • Are they collecting proof of vaccination and how are they using that information? 
  • How are employers managing return to work with a mix of vaccinated and unvaccinated workers? 
  • Are employers continuing to allow remote or hybrid work?
  • How are organizations addressing the implications for the communities in which they operate (potential reductions in community tax revenues, impact on local businesses when workers are not onsite)?


Meet the panelists:


Dr. Fikry Isaac — Chief Executive Officer, WellWorld Consulting


Dr. Isaac offers strategic advisory, market research and board level support to public and private sector clients focused on global health and wellness strategies, policies and solutions. He is a pioneer in the field of workplace health promotion and global health and is the former vice president of Global Health Services for Johnson & Johnson.


Dr. Bhargav Chandrashekar — Occupational Health Physician, GlaxoSmithKline


Dr. Chandrashekar is involved in occupational health program management across multiple R&D and manufacturing clinics in North America. He also contributes to employee health & wellness strategy and delivery, in collaboration with safety professionals, HR professionals and business leaders, as well as provides consultation and leadership on population health, employee health and well-being issues.


Dr. Al Rielly — Medical Director of Occupational Health, Massachusetts General Hospital


Dr. Rielly serves in the occupational health field with some of the largest medical facilities in the industry including Massachusetts General Hospital, where he is currently the medical director of occupational health. He also currently serves as a physician in the department of medicine at Cambridge Health Alliance and is a clinical instructor at Harvard Medical School.


Kenji Saito, MD, JD — President and Chief Medical and Science Officer, MedLaw, LLC / President of NECOEM


Dr. Saito provides occupational and environmental medicine consultative services to companies, professional organizations, hospitals and clinics. He also serves as a medical leader for regulatory agencies, consumer goods and transportation industries.


Moderated by Jeff Donnell — President, Enterprise Health

Jeff directs strategy development and execution with an emphasis on building a culture that creates value for clients. He previously led marketing efforts for Enterprise Health’s parent company, presided over an electronic patient engagement subsidiary and served as a principal at one of the top 25 B-to-B marketing firms in the US.