Using an EHS solution that doesn't focus on health makes little sense when a best-in-class employee health option is available

In the environmental, health and safety (or EHS) world, occupational and employee health has often been viewed as “the little h” sandwiched between the environmental and safety domains. Many EHS technology vendors offer a broad array of solutions, with product portfolios that are often a mile wide and an inch deep. Their occupational health offerings tend to fall into the lowercase “h” category, and offer little more than a module to capture worksite injury data. 


Employee health has never been more important to an organization’s success, meaning there has never been a better time to capitalize the “H” with a strong purpose-built health information technology solution that can support the full range of occupational and employee health requirements. If you're using an EHS solution to manage the health of your employees, 

use this questionnaire to measure your satisfaction with its health components and functionality. 


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