Assembling your occupational health IT Team

(This is the fourth in a series of posts on changing occupational health IT solutions)




Once you understand the need to upgrade the solution you use to manage occupational health and compliance (remember acknowledging your pain...), now what? The path that lays before you may appear daunting when viewed from behind the starting line. It’s a road you’ve already been down and, more than likely, it was a bumpy ride. You are considering a switch, after all.


You need a new path.


Step one on that new path is honest assessment of your situation — and your pain. We’ve already talked about that.


Step two is assembling your team.


Yes, your team. That may well have been one of the bumps on your previous journey. But, in the end, this will be a team effort. The stakes demand it, and it’d be a fool’s errand to attempt a change of this magnitude on your own.

So, yes, assemble your team. But this time, make it your team.


Start with your daily users. They have the most experience, and probably the most pain, with your current situation. And their input can paint a compelling picture of what a better solution might look like.


Then layer in stakeholders from across your organization that will provide necessary and different viewpoints. Clinical roles are a given. But safety, risk management, compliance, human resources, and others will provide the expertise that fills in the detail you may not fully understand regarding requirements. In addition, two budgets are better than one, and representatives from other disciplines may be willing to help fund a solution that meets their needs as well as yours.


The sensitive nature of employee health information also demands individuals from information technology, cybersecurity, and privacy domains have a say.


And procurement is normally invited way too late to this party. But their lack of involvement upfront often stalls the process later on (we’ve seen it happen many times).


While no team looks exactly alike, the DNA of a successful occ health IT switch is common to organizations who have done it right. And yours can be the next.

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