Enterprise Health offers employee portals with accessibility to employee health information.

In far too many onsite employee health clinics, scheduling appointments for surveillance visits is a glorified game of phone and email tag between administrative personnel and employees. Then, when employees do appear, they have to show up early and fill out clipboard questionnaires that are dutifully re-entered into a record. The lack of electronic interaction is all but ridiculous in this day and age.


Employee portals can lessen this labor-intensive forced march and create more opportunity for real engagement between the patient and the provider. When configured and deployed correctly, portals that connect employees to their health information, on-site clinics and other health and wellness information can help lower absenteeism, foster higher productivity and improve the overall health of an enterprise. But not all employee portals are created equal; some offer limited functionality and do little to engage employees.


At Enterprise Health, portals are a major part of our product offering and powerful tools that boost administrative efficiency by reducing clerical headaches and FTE time, and enrich communication with employees. Our portals bring together a variety of features and functionality that enhance the ability of employees to be informed and actively involved in health and wellness initiatives.


Our online scheduling functionality, which streamlines the process of making clinical appointments and completing forms and questionnaires prior to a visit, is just the tip of the iceberg. Enterprise Health also includes secure messaging capabilities that enable electronic dialog between employees and clinic staff. This is a great way to remind employees about appointments, alert them to test results and communicate about other personal health matters.


When employees have 24/7 access to their employee health record, they have the information on medications, allergies or lab results they need to take ownership of their wellness. With Enterprise Health, they can elect to share lab results with their primary care physicians to improve care coordination and avoid duplicate tests and associated costs. They also have access to other health resources and educational material. The Enterprise Health system can even configure employee portals with a ticker that can draw attention to flu programs or promote health and wellness events.


Enterprise Health’s supervisor portals add yet another layer of functionality that can effectively increase employee engagement. These portals authorize supervisors to see certain information about the employees they manage. With visibility into the due dates and completion status of required tests and exams information, supervisors can remind their direct reports to complete the tasks, if necessary. Supervisors can also easily report a worksite injury or illness for an employee and see if an employee has any restrictions or accommodations.


Want to know more about how Enterprise Health portals can help create a culture of health in your organization? Contact us today and request a demo.


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