Report calls out Enterprise Health's COVID-19 employee monitoring functionality and scalability

Verdantix, an independent research and consulting firm with a focus on innovative technologies that optimize business operations, issued a report in April to help EHS executives better prepare for future pandemics. Their analysis finds that the successful use of occupational health software aids overall worker efficiency and wellbeing.


"COVID-19 shook populations, economies and business operations around the world. In response to the challenges posed by the pandemic, firms were forced to make adjustments to their approaches to business operations and workflows," explains report author Tamjeed Aziz. "Organizations have begun to digitize their existing paper-based processes, managing risk more dynamically and recognising the value of total worker health. Unequipped firms experienced first-hand the difficulties of managing employee health within an inadequate occupational health infrastructure during COVID-19."

The report highlights how firms are prioritizing investment in occupational health as indicated by Enterprise Health’s impressive 70% growth in 2021. The report goes on to detail several ways that occupational health software enables better preparedness and response to future Black Swan events specifically calling out Enterprise Health's COVID-19 employee monitoring functionality and scalability to manage immunizations and business travel risk management.

“We were experiencing strong growth prior to the pandemic, but COVID served as rocket fuel for expansion,” noted Enterprise Health president Jeff Donnell. “If there is a silver lining in the COVID cloud, it’s the recognition in the C-suite of the critical importance of having present, productive and healthy employees. Organizations are investing in employee health programs and the digital infrastructure required to support them, having experienced the challenges of trying to manage COVID with spreadsheets, paper processes and software applications ill-suited to the task.”


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