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Analyst report details customer benefits of end-to-end occupational health software solution

Enterprise Health automates medical surveillance and employee engagement 

Fort Wayne, Ind., August 12, 2021 — Verdantix, an independent research and consulting firm with a focus on innovative technologies that optimize business operations, released a report that spotlights Enterprise Health as a holistic solution for managing occupational health and employee engagement. The report highlights several features that make the IT solution unique in the occupational health market segment including its history in the health record space, embrace of connectivity and interoperability, and robust list of standardized features.


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"Enterprise Health is rooted in decades of electronic medical record experience and has worked with a range of Fortune 500 firms to develop the solution to where it it today," wrote Bill Pennington of Verdantix. He goes on to explain that Enterprise Health began nearly twenty-five years ago, when the company's founders built one of the nation's first health information exchanges — establishing an electronic network to connect the hospitals, doctors and other healthcare providers in their own backyard. Since then, Enterprise Health has partnered with some of the largest companies, health systems and government agencies in the world to expand the product and become the most comprehensive occupational health IT solution available in the marketplace.


Pennington also details how the Enterprise Health solution supports worker health from incident management to primary care on one platform. He points out that the solution is built on a certified electronic health report (EHR) platform, helps drive employee engagement with portals and mobile applications, and automates and streamlines medical surveillance.


"Unlike competitors who offer EH&S portfolios best described as 'a mile wide and an inch deep,' Enterprise Health has an intense, best of breed focus on occupational and employee health that results in unmatched functional depth," explained Jeff Donnell, Enterprise Health president. "Our solution includes a truckload of standard functionality such as programs to manage worksite injury and illness, medical surveillance, clinical care, employee and supervisor engagement, regulatory compliance and COVID-19 management. It also includes mass immunization administration, document management, tasking, e-prescribing, reporting, scheduling, portals and so much more. We’re glad Verdantix pointed out how comprehensive our product is."


Pennington summarized the report by describing the types of employers that benefit from the application. "The Enterprise Health solution is a great fit for large and wide-spread firms which need to manage occupational health across expansive workforces and geographies."


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