There is a great deal of research that shows that being grateful contributes to wellbeing. It can make us happier, sleep better and may even improve our physical health. Even if you’re a glass-half-full type, finding reasons to be thankful this year may be challenging — after all, many of us in the United States will be celebrating virtual or perhaps “half-full” Thanksgiving gatherings with fewer friends and family members. 


At Enterprise Health, we actually found it pretty easy to create a list of things and people for which we are thankful beginning with our large employer clients who stepped up to lead the way during the COVID-19 pandemic. The occupational health professionals we work with in a wide variety of industries truly rose to the occasion as their organizations became more acutely aware of the direct correlation between the health of their employees and the health of their enterprise.


For example, one of our long-time clients in the oil and gas industry, Phillips 66 was an early adopter of PCR testing of its employees as part of their return-to-worksite strategy. Many of our clients, especially our large health system and academic institution clients such as Wake Forest and Stanford, made adjustments to their flu programs to create safer vaccination events. Eli Lilly and Company quickly became a drive-through test site right after the pandemic began and decided to open a separate onsite clinic to handle communicable diseases.  


It’s truly been amazing to work side-by-side, albeit virtually, with each of these companies and our other clients to help them innovate and adjust. It’s also been great to see them come together and share ideas and best practices with each other. Our partnerships and collaboration led us to rapidly develop and roll-out Channel-19, a standalone application for COVID-19 employee monitoring that is now helping many other companies and health systems manage their pandemic responses. 

As we pause this Thanksgiving, let’s raise our half-full glasses in appreciation of all the hard work done by so many people during this crisis and the hope brought by last week’s positive news about COVID-19 vaccine candidates. Cheers!



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