Enterprise Health product roadmap will focus on reporting and analytics

Enterprise health product roadmap for 2019-2020.  Emphasis on reporting and analytics.

There's NOT an app for that...

Finding your way to a geographic destination today is as simple as asking the electronic assistant on your phone to map the route and provide turn-by-turn instructions as you head down the road. Even better, most apps alert you to traffic slowdowns, adverse weather, accidents, and state troopers hitting their ticket quotas.


Developing a software product roadmap is a more complex undertaking, and the intelligence required is anything but artificial. At Enterprise Health, product innovation is continual and fueled by a variety of drivers, including:

  • Market requirements ranging from new OSHA regulations to recommendations from professional organizations such as ACOEM.
  • Observations regarding market trends, unmet customer needs, and educated guesses about “where the puck will be” in the future.
  • Opportunities to improve capability, reduce clicks, enhance usability, and build value — all in an effort to maintain market leadership.
  • Input from our outside advisory board — a group of industry professionals who are not users of our application, but are more than willing to provide direction and advice.

More important is input from our customers — a blue-chip roster of Fortune 500 corporations, health systems, and government agencies who are willing to provide feedback and direction on the makeup of our product roadmap. Late last year, we shared a strawman roadmap of potential product improvement options with client medical executives and power users and asked for their help in prioritizing and refining our initial list.


Based on this invaluable client feedback, we are finalizing our product roadmap for 2019 and beyond. Of course, this is not the forum for telegraphing strategic intent, but we can share that the top vote getter for product innovation is reporting and analytics — hardly a surprise and an area ripe for additional development. We are now working with clients to identify the mix of reports, dashboards and big data requirements that will fuel a big chunk of our development efforts in the near future.


While continual dialog with our clients is not as simple as saying “Hey Siri, can you route me to this address?” — the directions we receive are the best way to arrive at a meaningful destination.