As many associations get back to hosting in-person conferences, we’re excited to connect with many of you face-to-face — even if ever-changing mask guidelines mean we’ll only get to see your eyes and forehead! Still, we look forward to talking with you in person to find out what challenges are keeping you up at night and showing you how an end-to-end occ health software solution can help.


Enterprise Health will exhibit at the following 2021 conferences:

  • AOHP: September 8-11 (San Diego, CA)
  • WOEMA: September 29-October 2 (Phoenix, AZ)
  • BRI: October 28-29 (Orlando, FL)
  • NECOEM: December 2-3 (Newton, MA)

Check out Enterprise Health's newest functionality

Along with Enterprise Health's robust repertoire of standard functionality for managing occupational health and compliance, clinical care and employee engagement, here are some of the newer features you can expect to see at our exhibit:



See how our stand-alone, web-based COVID-19 employee monitoring program delivers the functionality organizations need to monitor employees for COVID-19 symptoms, track test results, quarantine periods, risk factors and work-at-home accommodations — all in one place.


Injection and Immunization Management

We’ll show you how easy it is to streamline mass immunizations using the Enterprise Health injection program. This is especially crucial now that many occ health clinics are managing the administration of both flu and COVID vaccinations.



The need for accurate and consistent capture of data and reporting ratcheted up during the pandemic. Let us show you how we have addressed the ever-changing guidelines and requirements and are giving our clients the tools they need to generate reports to understand and track vaccination status, testing status and employee compliance.


Mobile App

Our mobile app gives employers that use the Enterprise Health solution a convenient way for employees to stay connected and actively manage their at-work health. With the app, employees can use their mobile devices to securely connect to the employee portal where they can access the same information and functionality as they can from their desktops.



Another way we made it easier for employers to stay connected with employees is by embedding optional, HIPAA-compliant telehealth capabilities right into the Enterprise Health application. This makes it simple for clinics to incorporate telehealth services into their clinic operations and to conduct a virtual visit with employees.


Make your plans now to come see us at one of these conferences. And while you're there, be on the lookout during Enterprise Health sponsored refreshment breaks. There just might be a nice gift in store for you if you find the winning napkin!