Dr. Rich Hammel is Enterprise Health's chief product evangelist

The gospel according to Dr. Rich

My name is Richard (Rich) Hammel, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACOEM, and I am chief product evangelist for Enterprise Health.


If you haven’t heard of a job title with the term “product evangelist”, you aren’t alone. Neither had I before accepting my new role. Besides reading my proposed job responsibilities, I went to Google to see what I could find about the term “chief product evangelist.” Google didn’t disappoint.


It is a role familiar to information technology-related companies from the Internet boom of the late 1990s. However, it is now advocated in other fields such as health care due to the need for IT innovations to disrupt the status quo. Also, I found a Harvard Business Review article from the May 2015 issue titled The Art of Evangelism. It was written by Guy Kawasaki, former software evangelist at Apple and now chief evangelist with Canva. Guy says “evangelism” is a simple idea “to explain to the world how your product or service can improve people’s lives” — expanding on the previously strictly religious term to cover “spreading the gospel” into other areas passionately believed in.


For me, evangelizing about Enterprise Health is easy: the company has developed occupational health software which works better than the competition in the US and beyond.


Further, it ticks similar boxes that Guy outlines in his article:

  • deep: anticipates features users will need
  • intelligent: provides new and clever ways to ease pain or increase enjoyment
  • complete:  good support and interoperability
  • elegant: blends function and form into an EMR that’s second to none

So, what is the intent of my role? Simply, I serve as Enterprise Health's “voice for the customer/market” and help the company make their outstanding occupational health software product an even better experience for both current and future customers.

To achieve this goal, I work to understand our current customers at all levels — power users (especially at the clinic level) and client executive leaders. One way I do this is by organizing and moderating user group meetings to collect insights. Then, where opportunities are identified, we organize collaborative customer work groups to focus on product enhancements, new development, and market issues.


Also, as the company subject-matter expert on occupational and environmental medicine, I leverage my extensive background (32 years in academic, clinical, government, and corporate settings with the past 25 years working for a multinational global Fortune 100 company) to stay on top and ahead of trends in the field. Additionally, I further developed my informatics skillset by earning a graduate certificate in Clinical Informatics from Oregon Health & Science University in September 2019.


What you should take away from this blog is Enterprise Health’s strong commitment to occupational health. I can’t think of another OH software vendor in the current market that has a residency-trained and board-certified occupational, environmental medicine physician and clinical informaticist on staff. I am honored to be the first and working hard to advocate strongly for our customers’ views.


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